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Why YOU Should Get To Know Your Cervical Mucus (and other fluids)

I should get to know my WHAT? Riddle me this: Have you ever wondered what that white stuff is in your undies? Or that stretchy/goopy stuff that makes the toilet paper fly backward as you wipe? It might just be cervical mucus. Ok. So “mucus” is not the most savory of terms. It tends to […]

The Surprising Reason I Switched From Tampons To A Menstrual Cup

I remember the moment I learned that menstrual cups were a thing. As a sophomore in college I had about as much bodily awareness as one can expect from a shy girl who grew up with abstinence-only sex education and family who didn’t really talk about it. While browsing for toiletries in a Walgreens with […]

IT HAPPENED TO ME: That Time I Got My Menstrual Cup Stuck In Sideways

It seems like a rite of passage, doesn’t it? Being able to say you’ve had something stuck in your vagina? There should be a medal or a ribbon or some kind of parade with a fanfare and confetti! In my case, it was followed by tears of relief. And blood. I was covered in blood. […]

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